9 places to search for Dracula in Romania

  1. Bucharest

The search Dracula (the vampire) or Vlad Dracula, the ‘Impaler, could start from Bucharest, the current capital of Romania. The capital is well connected with both scheduled and low cost with the major cities d ‘Italy.

Bucharest with the Royal Court was the second residence of Vlad the Impaler as an alternative to the Royal Court of Targoviste, built by his father, Mircea the Old and renovated by Vlad himself.

From Bucharest, to continue with the search of Dracula, you can make one of the daily tours to visit other places described below, the tours offered are: Tour Monastery and Snagov Monastery Comana, Castle Dracula Tour, Tour of the most famous castles in Romania , Tour of Brasov and Sighisoara.

  1. Monastery of Snagov

Still do not know exactly how he was killed Vlad Dracula, but the ‘most probable hypothesis is that he was killed near Bucharest, in a battle against the Ottomans in December 1476. According to the legends Vlad would be buried in the monastery of Snagov where monks would bring his body in secret. But the body found in Snagov also had his head element which would clash with some legends according to which the head of Vlad was cut, but the mystery remains as it was found a ring with the symbol of the Order of the Dragon which he was part precisely Vlad Dracula.

  1. Comana Monastery

History tells us that the Turks came in Romania from the south, crossing the Danube, as a result it was decided that the body of Vlad Dracula were to be tried in the south of Bucharest and not in Snagov that is north.

Back then, he used to bury widowers in churches or monasteries built directly to their will or in those who were nearest to the place of their death and the nearest place to where presumably was killed Vlad Dracula is just the Comana Monastery . Archaeological research carried out in this monastery have given birth to a headless corpse, but still there is no certainty that the body belongs to the Count.

  1. Royal Court of Targoviste

The capital of Wallachia Vlad, Targoviste. The first Prince County was built by Mircea the Old, the grandfather of Dracula, Dracula himself then he built the tower “Chindia” (Turnul Chindiei). Targoviste was the star of a party to which were invited the boyars and they were asked if they wanted to relieve their difficulties’. For an affirmative, Vlad burnt them all so no one would suffer.

  1. Fortress Poienari

The Fortress of Poienari (today only ruins) was built by the boyars, who were later impaled by Dracula. Castle Poienari and ‘witness the suicide of his first wife of Dracula, she threw herself into the river Arges from the tower of the fortress.

  1. Sighisoara

Sighisoara, the medieval city of UNESCO monument. Thanks to its perfectly preserved medieval walls, the city is one of the architectural treasures of Romania. Sighisoara also owes its fame to the Wallachian prince Vlad Tepes, better known as Count Dracula, who was born here in 1431.

  1. Bran Castle

A Bran is the famous castle which according to legend was home to Count Dracula and inspired the novel by Bram Stoker. Born at the beginning as a military fortress, it was occupied by Maghiari, Austrians, then abandoned and restored to its splendor only in the twentieth century. Topped by four towers and magnificent museum rooms, it is a gem of medieval Romanian, as well as home to the mysterious charm and creepy Count Dracula. And ‘now a major tourist destination, is thought to be the real castle of Vlad Dracula, but in fact the Count stayed here only for a short period in 1450.

  1. Borgo Pass

The name of “Borgo Pass” was mentioned by the writer Bram Stoker in his famous book “Dracula” after he documented and have found it written in a map …. Even if the writer has not visited in person this place has been able to describe the step that connects Transylvania with Bocovina superbly, taking in the atmosphere and haunted vampire.

9.Hunyad Castle

And ‘one of the most important Gothic buildings in Romania, its appearance is reminiscent of the castles of the novels of chivalry. It is said that from 1462 Vlad III Dracula was imprisoned in the castle by Matthias Corvinus for seven years and that during his imprisonment he has continued in his mania by Impaler, “practicing” impaling mice, spiders and various insects !.

If you are intrigued by the story of Dracula and want to relive in person his steps we are waiting with our tour to discover the Footsteps of Dracula myth, history and charm of Count Dracula!

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